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Free Medical Treatment

GAMP is not insurance: clients do not need to pre-enroll. Instead, GAMP is available when someone is seeking services or treatment due to medical need. GAMP is considered the “Payor of last resort.” It is not for people who have access to health insurance from their employer, those who may qualify for medical assistance or Medicare, or who may already have coverage from another program, such as Veterans' Services.
GAMP Eligibility Requirements:

As the program has limited funds, a set of qualification criteria has been established.
You must have been a Milwaukee County resident for the last 180 days.

Your cannot be eligible for, or on, any other entitlement program (T-19 or T-18), or any third party public  or private insurance.

Social Security number must be verifiable.

You must meet the following income guidelines: 
Family Size        Monthly Gross Income Limitations
       1                                         902
       2                                        1166

IDAP is a county-funded program that provides a monthly payment to financially needy county residents 18 and older, and married couples without children who are unable to work due to disability and have a high probability of receiving federal Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The payment is issued until SSI eligibility is approved or denied, after which IDAP payment ends.
Eligible single adults may receive up to $205 a month and eligible married couples up to $344 a month. 
To qualify, an applicant must have submitted an application for SSI with the Federal Social Security administration. A copy of the SSI application must be submitted with the IDAP application.
IDAP is not an entitlement benefit, but an interest-free loan, and IDAP recipients must sign a contract to repay. If SSI is approved, repayment is deducted from the initial SSI lump sum payment. If SSI is denied, eligibility ends and the individual is expected to repay from any future income or non-exempt assets, or from their estate upon death.
To apply for IDAP, call Ms. Pat Martin at 414-289-6986.

                     Facility                                               Address                   Phone Number                                         
                             GAMP                                                      1220 W. Vliet St.  3rd Floor            414-289-5700
     General Assistance Medical Program 
                  Application Locations                                         Southside Health Center               414-286-8620
                                                                                                  1639 S. 23rd St.
                   Any Questions Call:
                       414-257-7200                                                          Northside                           414-372-8080
          on 9501 Watertown Plank Road                                  MLK - Heritage Center
                                                                                                   2555 N. MLK Dr.

     Interim Disability Assistance Program                              1220 W. Vliet St, Rm 111              414-289-6986

           Health Care for the Homeless                                         711 W. Capitol Dr.                    414-374-2400

    Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Div                         9455 Watertown Plank Rd.            414-257-699